“Electric Creatures is the result of a long process in which I questioned and redefined my relationship with the genre that is most often called “contemporary classical” music. I have played everything from Grisey to Boulez to Reich, and I’ve come to a conclusion. What I’m interested in now is a music that combines deep and complex compositional ideas with the accessibility typical of certain popular musical genres: rock, ambient and electronic music.”



“ An album that deserves to be listened to carefully – with the proper attention and focus – to respect the great work of the musician”

Daniele Benvenuti -Spettakolo! – October 2018 (Preview)


“Baldelli was able to combine the energy of the electric guitar, a perfect sound, an attention to details and the utmost respect for the ideas and desires of the composers. A masterpiece.”

Andrea Aguzzi – Neuguitars – December 2018

Review: https://neuguitars.com/2018/11/26/recensione-di-electric-creatures-di-giacomo-baldelli-2018-su-neuguitars-blog/

Interview English):https://neuguitars.com/2018/11/29/interview-with-giacomo-baldelli-november-2018-on-neuguitars-blog/

“Each “creature” of this album has its own character.This is the work of a courageous artist who’s not scared of showing his personal idea of modern music.”

Emanule Proietti – Music.it – December 2018


“Compelling soundscapes”

Timmi Gnudi – Rockerilla – December 2018 -Hard Copy

“ Baldelli is solid and versatile. The album is an authentic representation of the music of our times. Pleasant listening. “

Gabriele Toma – Quinte Parallele – January 2019


“ A journey for those who love avant-garde but at the same time fascinating and engaging for everybody”

Giulia Nuti – Il Popolo del Blues – January 2019


“This is the way avant-garde can communicate like rock music”

Giulia Bassi – Gazzetta di Reggio – January 2019


“The soundscapes where these electric creatures live seem like a prelude for a new poetic. A poetic that looks forward. The eight tracks move around evocative soundscapes that seem to be pushed by an expressive chaos. The result is something that is not comforting but disorienting instead. But it all makes sense. It’s the work of an artist who wants to leave a mark.”

Alfredo di Pietro – Nuke – Not just AudioPhiles – January 2019


” The variety of authors shows how versatile Baldelli is. Something that you can appreciate listening after listening”

Dionisio Capuano – Blow Up Magazine – February 2019 – Hard Copy


UNTIL IT BLAZES – Eve Beglarian


TWO – Ryan Pratt 

GRAB IT!  – Jacob TV

SLOW EARTH  – Nick Norton

BARE – G. Baldelli/G. Di Raimo  (BANDCAMP BONUS TRACK)


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